ACP YouthSupporting Community Aspirations

ACP has set up the East Birmingham Community Youth Forum to bring young people from different communities to promote community cohesion. East Birmingham is slowly becoming a segregated community. We have over 128 cultures currently living within Birmingham, however in these areas we often see that the community and youth don’t mix. This creates tension between the different cultures living in these areas creating youth gangs.

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Work with Schools & Employment

ACP Youth provides the following services:

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  • ACP runs substance misuse Education classes in local schools
  • ACP has delivered employability support sessions in schools for Yrs 10 and 11
  • ACP provides home work support
  • ACP has experience of supporting young people excluded from schools to help get them back on track
  • ACP has been supporting 1000 of young people to find work, apprenticeships, work experience placements and gain self-confidence and important employability skills
  • Issues with school due to learning disabilities or communicating with the teachers

Support & Counselling

ACP provide support and counselling to vulnerable young people that struggle with the following challenges:

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  • Relationships (with significant others or families)
  • Grieving, Living with large families
  • Trouble with the law (Crime, family, immigration)
  • Domestic Violence (physical, mental or sexual abuse)
  • Substance misuse
  • Forced marriage, In danger of FGM
  • Victim of war crimes, Human Trafficking
  • Mental health (depression, stress, anxiety, phobia’s, schizophrenia etc)
  • Victims of Bullying, Low self-esteem, Self harm, Suicidal thoughts


We understand key barriers to youth unemployment and provide a comprehensive support package to increase employability through the following services:

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  • Lack of vocational or practical skills, Lack of career advice
  • Lack of written skills, CV, Cover letters, Personal References
  • Basic IT courses, Setting up an email account
  • Job searches and Job applications
  • Interview techniques, Interview preparation
  • Referal to Training and Voluntary placements
  • Strategies for being Overqualified or Under Qualified
  • Implicit RacismLack of jobs / contacts and networks