ACP WomenSupporting Community Aspirations

ACP Women Together was established by local women to increase local involvement, improve access to services and promote their interests. We offer support at our local centre enabling women to participate in activities whilst forming meaningful social relationships with each other. Over the years we have made a positive contribution to hundreds of local women in Sparkbrook.

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What We Do

We offer support for everyday issues, thanks to a small army of volunteers we are able to accomodate a range of community languages, when providing support: Image 03

  • Employment support, including CV development, job search, interview techniques and volunteering opportunities.
  • Self-esteem and personal development courses including Accredited ESOL, UK Online courses and textile groups.
  • Women empowerment project including workshops on local democracy
  • General advice and guidance including Welfare Benefits, Housing and Financial Planning
  • Stress management support groups, exercise classes, walking groups, swimming clubs and aerobics
  • Social activities including coffee morning, creative arts and lunch clubs
  • Parenting support workshops and self help groups including Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities.
  • Events including our annual International Women's Day celebration.
  • Day Trips, residential trips.

Center Accredition

We hold accreditions for NOCN and EDI:Image 03

  • Mentoring course
  • Evaluating Mentoring Relationships
  • Developing punctuation and grammar skills
  • Employment support
  • Building a personal career portfolio

Women in TransitionImage 03

Women In Transition is an exciting new project funded by Big Lottery to help change lives of local women through the engagement of activities.

We mentor women to raise their confidence, build inner self belief and work with them to overcome personal barriers. Our goal is to lead women in to positive progression, growth and personal achievement in all aspects of their life.

How You Can Help

Image 03Our Volunteering Programme involves local women giving a few hours a week of their valuable time to their local community whilst building their skills.

The volunteers are supported in their learning and gradually building their confidence into employment. A successful scheme as 18 of our 22 registered volunteers have gained employment.