ACP Early YearsSupporting Community Aspirations

At ACP, we believe that every child should enjoy their childhood from the security of a nurturing environment & be effectively safeguarded.

Ofsted Registration Number: EY330654

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During a consultation instigated by the ACP Women Together project, one of the barriers highlighted by women was the lack of on-site childcare.

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To address this the representatives of Women Together steering committee submitted a proposal to the trustees of Ashiana Community Project.

This proposal was agreed and a on-site crèche facility was set up. As the demand for the Women Together project increased the corresponding demand for child care also increased which led to the establishment of an Ofsted Registered, Day Care nursery provision in 2006.

Our Vision

At ACP Early Years, we believe that every child should enjoy their childhood from the security of a nurturing environment and be effectively safeguarded.

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It is our aim to ensure that every child in our care receives quality opportunities & early interventions to reduce the negative effects of deprivation whilst celebrating our cultural diversity. We believe that every child is unique & has the capacity to achieve their full potential through enabling environments, positive relationships & effective parent partnerships. We aim to nurture every child’s holistic development through the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We encourage parent partnerships through mutual respect of opinions, values, confidentiality & beliefs whilst enabling parents & carers to voice their opinion in shaping our services. We also ensure that communication regarding your child is effectively maintained via the key –worker system.” (Early Years Coordinator)


We cater for children between 3 months up to 8 years of age.

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  • Rainbow Room -
    for our youngest children, aged 3 months to 2 years old.
    Here we encourage early exploration skills to promote physical, social and communication skills.
  • Sun Shine Room –
    for Our Toddlers, aged 2—3 years old, Developing independence through flexible routines & increasing social interaction to develop a positive sense of self.
  • Pre-school room –
    for our growing youngsters, aged 3 to 5 years of age.
    Here our older children enjoy engaging in increasingly challenging activities towards school-readiness.
  • Holiday Provision –
    Children up 8 years old
    We provide appropriate provision for our eldest children to support their learning whilst providing opportunities of responsibility and social interaction to encourage leadership skills.
  • Large out Door area –
    Our children enjoy a large outdoor area which has a soft surface covering for additional safety.
    Our children also benefit from regular flexibility of interaction across the different age ranges, both indoors and outdoors, which supports the acquisition of personal, social and emotional skills and development.

Special Educational Needs

At ACP Early Years we welcome and value every child for their individuality and their unique qualities.

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Through our training and expertise we ensure that all children have access to all activities and implement targets to support children with specific needs in achieving their full potential. We work in partnership with parents/carers and liaise with other professionals to ensure we are offering high quality provision for every child.
Please speak to our Special Needs Coordinator for further information.