ACP AssistSupporting Community Aspirations

At ACP we provide a free and confidential advice service for local residents. We have in place a translation and outreach service to cater for diverse community needs. The advice centre has been established for local residents to access high quality advice services locally to improve their personal, social and financial circumstances.

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ACP Advice offers housing advice and information on the following:

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  • Mortgage rescue
  • Housing register applications
  • Housing allocations (Choice based Lettings)
  • Housing benefit
  • Domestic violence related issues
  • Deal with homelessness
  • Issues / conflict relating to landlord and tenants

Welfare Benefits

We offer comprehensive advice regarding a wide range of welfare benefit issues; We offer advice in the following:

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  • benefit applications forms
  • general form filling
  • translation service
  • Council tax / Housing benefit
  • general enquiries
  • Working tax credits
  • Child tax credits
  • Job seekers allowance
  • Employment Support Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Pension credit
  • Carers allowance


We understand key barriers to unemployment and provide a comprehensive employment support package to increase employability through the following services:

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  • CV writing
  • Setting up an email account
  • Basic IT courses
  • Job searches
  • Job applications
  • Interview techniques
  • Interview preparation
  • Voluntary placements

Financial Advice

ACP Advice offers support in managing individual budgets in times of financial hardship. We advise on Financial planning, budgeting and debt management by liaising with licensed debt agencies to put payment plans into place.