Shakila BiSachyar

Women Together Co-ordinator

My name is Shakila Bi, I work as the ACP Women Together Co-ordinator.
I started at ACP GROUP 11 years ago and have had many roles within the organisation I also helped develop the following projects:

I believe my journey has been profound and unique because of my development within the organisation. I started off as a volunteer with no formal qualifications and a lack of confidence. Over the years I have aspired to improve myself as a professional and inspired others to follow suit.
Some of the training and qualifications I gained while working at ACP:
- Welfare Rights and other benefits Training
- Diversity training, Introduction to counselling
- NVQ Management - level 3
- Community facilitator course Level – 3
- NVQ Advice & Guidance Level - 3
- NVQ Health and Social Care - Level 3
- PPP Facilitator course
- Domestic Violence - Level 2 courses
- Drugs and Research Methodology, University of Lancashire SCSF

In my current role I recruit, I Lead, I manage, the delivery and development of:
• ACP WT services
• Engagement Mentors Programme
• Programmes of work, events and training for local women
• Courses that align with ACP’s aims and objectives
• Other project workers programmes that address the needs and aspirations of local women
• Outreach programme to get information out to hard-to-reach women support partnerships with local women and encourage Provide multi lingual Advice and Guidance.

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