SachyarMohammed Shafique

Chief Operating Officer

I am the person that is responsible for day to day management of Ashiana Community Project. I have been with ACP as a manager for 2.5 Years, previous to that I served as a management committee member for 10 years.  I am a resident of the Sparkbrook area, I have good knowledge of issues with the community and I try and ensure that ACP can support people with the issues for which they require assistance.

I have over 25 years of middle and senior management experience. I have worked both in the statutory and voluntary sector. I have been a representative at all levels of community engagement. I believe my strength is the experience of working with the local community of Sparkbrook through the Sparkbrook Neighbourhood Forum. This “Grassroots” work provided the learning process and the path for community engagement and representation at various levels in Birmingham.

Over the years I have acquired in depth knowledge of Third sector and the understanding of “the working culture” of the statutory sector. The “network of support” of other people has helped me to not only undertake the responsibility of representing the local neighbourhood but to be a voice for the Third Sector at city wide networks. I take great pride in ensuring honesty and integrity in all levels of involvement and engagement. This is achieved by being able to listen and take on board all views and determining a consensus that will ensure positive progression within a partnership.

Through my voluntary work I have chaired various local and citywide bodies, at the recommendations of representatives from other sectors and local residents. I have chaired the following groups and themes: Montgomery School, Sparkbrook Neighbourhood Forum, Ashiana Community Project, Birmingham Association of Neighbourhood Forums, Sparkbrook Springfield Area Regeneration Initiative, Prosperity Theme group (Sparkbrook – DSP) and Hall Green Constituency Strategic Partnership, Birmingham Sports Action Zone. I represented the community and voluntary sector on the Birmingham strategic partnership, East Birmingham and North Solihull regeneration zone.

My key strength has been my ability to adapt and work with all sectors, within the voluntary, community and statutory sector to ensure equality, equity and to promote opportunity to benefit the wider community.

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