SachyarMamoona Shafique

ESOL Tutor

I started working for Ashiana in 2013 as an ESOL tutor on the integration project. The project caters for TCN citizens, It has two elements 1st element is teaching and developing clients educational skills and 2nd element is developing their social skills. This project aims to help people with little or no English to learn English and get more involved in the wider community.

All our students will receive free training and be supported to achieve a professional teaching qualification Level 3. The course is for people who speak a first language other than English who wish to improve their listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar skills. It is also suitable as evidence of English Language for those seeking to become British citizens.

My role is to make a difference to people’s lives and teach English.
• Identifying the needs of the learners.
• Carry out initial assessment of learners.
• Prepare teaching materials.
• Group students by ability in an appropriate way.
• Deliver teaching to class groups.
• Evaluate and report on the effectiveness of leanings.
• Support students during social activities.
“Working on this project is a great opportunity for me to gain more experience and develop new skills while making a difference to peoples’ lives. Here I get to meet people from all over the world, and learn about other cultures as part of a really exciting project. “

Primary Point of Contact

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Naeem Qureshi
Chair of Trustees
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Mohammed Shafique
Interim Chief Operating Officer
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